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Women's health & pregnancy

Women's health & pregnancy in Kensingston

Women's health physiotherapy incorporates a range of specialist services designed specifically to treat pregnancy related, gynaecological and post-breast surgery issues. Our team uses an integrated approach combining manual therapy and rehabilitation along with the use of a biofeedback machine to assist in the assessment and treatment of pelvic floor issues.

Ante-natal care

Ante-natal physiotherapy
As exciting as being pregnant is, it can also be incredibly uncomfortable at times! We can help you deal with pregnancy related low back, thoracic or neck pain; SIJ dysfunction; pelvic girdle pain (pubic symphysis disorders) and nerve problems in the legs and hands. We'll also advise on how to strengthen your pelvic floor, give you tips on birthing positions and how to achieve an active birth, and also the best way to recover after the birth - be it natural or Caesarean.

Pregnancy massage

Our massage therapist is also fully trained in pregnancy massage. Why not treat yourself to an hour of relaxation and ease your tired back, legs and shoulders? She can also use lymphatic drainage massage techniques to help reduce fluid retention.

Pilates for pregnancy
Keep yourself in shape and ease pain and stiffness with a regular Pilates class. Our instructors and physiotherapists are all trained to adapt Pilates exercises for every stage of pregnancy.

Post-natal care

It can be a very stressful time after your baby is born, and being in pain or struggling with continence problems can make it even more difficult. At Sprint, our women's health physiotherapists can help with the following issues post-pregnancy:

  • Third degree tears/painful Caesarean scar
  • Pelvic pain
  • Pelvic floor re-education
  • Incontinence - stress/urge/urgency
  • Diastisis/abdominal muscle separation
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain

If you have any of the above issues, we would advise that you book an appointment for a women's health assessment, so that the physiotherapist can tailor a pelvic floor exercise programme for your specific problem and symptoms. You may benefit from assessment using our biofeedback machine. It really helps you to feel if you are using the correct muscles.

Physiotherapy for mastitis

If you are suffering from blocked milk ducts or mastitis, we recommend that you seek treatment as soon as possible with one of our women's health physiotherapists. They will use ultrasound and lymphatic drainage to break up the blockage in a safe and effective manner and will also teach you self-help techniques. You will mostly likely need between 2-5 treatments, depending on the severity of the blockage.

Gynaecological problems

Specialist physiotherapy treatment can be very beneficial in speeding up your recovery after many gynaecological operations, particularly hysterectomy and prolapse repair.

Continence problems can affect women of all ages; however by learning some simple techniques you can retrain your pelvic floor muscles to overcome this, even if such issues have been long standing.

Following breast surgery

Many women experience cording within the chest and upper arm after mastectomy, which can leave these areas feeling restricted and tight. Our women's health physiotherapists use specific massage techniques to break down the tension in these muscles.

Our women's health physiotherapists have many years of experience in this field and appreciate the sensitivity surrounding these conditions. You will receive an empathetic and caring approach to both assessment and treatment. We ensure complete privacy and confidentiality, and recognise your need for dignity.

Please contact us to book an appointment or for more information on any of the services available at our clinic in Kensington.

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