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The team at Sprint Physio have been working with people who are presenting with LONG COVID symptoms and who have had difficulties getting back to their previous levels of activities and fitness having contracted the COVID-19 virus. Symptoms have presented as extreme fatigue, inability to physically perform in daily tasks, joint and nerve pains, difficulties breathing, dizziness and brain fog.


There is good, growing evidence that physiotherapy can play a vital role in helping people gradually regain their fitness and wellbeing through targeted exposure to functional rehabilitation as the body adapts to new levels of energy. 


The team use a multitude of skills and techniques to guide people through their recovery journey by addressing pain with manual therapy, acupuncture, desensitisation, mindfulness and breathing exercises and techniques. All clinicians at Sprint are experienced in integrating movement into rehabilitation plans and can help people by creating pacing diaries for graded exposure to activities and exercise. 


We understand how scary and frustrating it is not to feel like oneself and struggle with recovery especially with relation this new virus. For this reason, the team work together by consulting with one another in utilising each member’s unique skills and expertise in tailoring the right programme for each of their patients. They also strongly believe in working closely with the wider medical teams in ensuring all aspects of recovery are reviewed by the appropriate medical profession and field.

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