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Scar tissue adhesions are common after surgery, burns and areas where wounds heal after having a cut, incision or other injuries to the skin layer. These can cause pain and tightness in the skin or surrounding tissues.


Our team can provide advice and hands on treatment to soften the scar and work on the mobility of the surrounding tissue. Our specialist Massage Therapist uses the STRAIT method, a pioneering scar tissue management technique.  


Scar tissue massage can be used on many types of patients, such as the following:

  • Post hip and knee replacement

  • Post hand surgery

  • After breast surgery

  • Post caesarean section delivery*

  • Post abdominal surgery

  • Post burns

  • Post skin grafting

* If working on a C-section scar, we always recommend seeing a women's health specialist physiotherapist, who is able to assess you fully and cover other areas of possible concern.

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