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At Sprint Physiotherapy we can help you prepare your body for the rigours of your particular sport and help you avoid injury.


All too often we plough back into a sport, forgetting that we may not have done it for months (or possibly even a whole year in the case of skiing!) and that it can take time for our bodies to adapt to the physical stresses involved.


So, whether you are preparing for the ski season, training for a marathon or cycle race, or increasing the amount of tennis or golf you play during the summer, at Sprint we can assess your body and give you advice on how to make it through the event or season and maximise your performance.


It could be that you have a slight imbalance in your muscles, stiffness in your joints, need to work on your flexibility, alter your technique or get advice on the right equipment for your sport. Our highly experienced Sports Physiotherapists understand the mechanics of each sport and will fully assess you before preparing a comprehensive programme for you to follow in preparation for your chosen activity. The sooner you come to us the better, but don't worry if you've already started training and are getting some niggles - we'll treat those as well and help you avoid any more. We are always very happy to liaise with personal trainers and coaches too, so that they can tailor your training as required.


We have lots of experience helping runners, cyclists, tennis players, golfers, triathletes, footballers, rugby players, rowers and swimmers at both recreational and elite levels. To book in for a sports assessment simply call reception and let us know which sport or event you are training for or returning to after a break.


Please contact us to book an appointment or for more information on any of our services available.

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