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Many women who have undergone breast surgery such as lumpectomy, biopsy, lymph node removal, mastectomy and or reconstruction after a cancer diagnosis can be left with cording or lymphoedema within the chest and arm.  This can leave these areas feeling restricted and tight. Our physiotherapists use specific manual therapy techniques in line with current guidelines, as well as specific exercise programmes to help reduce pain and optimise function.


Scar tissue, as a result or surgery can also impose a large effect on the surrounding tissue resulting in pain, swelling, reduced mobility and strength of the surrounding tissues.

Other complications arising from breast surgery can be frozen shoulder or neuritis.  It is important to seek advice with a womens health Physiotherapist to assist you in preventing these disorders or understanding how to treat them as swiftly as possible.

Our therapists also have experience in treating breast reconstructions by using different skills including manual therapy, soft tissue release and scar management advice with exercise therapy and provide the best advice at the right time for the patient.


Our clinicians have many years of experience in their specialist fields and appreciate the sensitivity surrounding these conditions. You will receive an empathetic and caring approach to both assessment and treatment. We ensure complete privacy and confidentiality, and recognise your need for dignity.


Please contact us to book an appointment or for more information on any of the services available at our clinics.

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