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Blocked milk ducts, breast engorgement and mastitis are common problems associated with breastfeeding, especially in the first few weeks. There are a number of reasons that are behind this, but it is not always the same for each mother.  Our team will help identify why it has occurred and how to prevent it during your breastfeeding journey, whether it is due to you looking to increase your milk supply, maintain or wean off breastfeeding.


Sprint Physiotherapy is proud to be the leading Physiotherapy clinic in London to treat breastfeeding mothers who are suffering with mastitis.  We have developed a bespoke treatment pathway with leading lactation consultants in order to achieve a targeted approach to alleviate pain, blockages and reduced milk flow in order to allow mothers to continue feeding their babies.  We use the latest guidelines and up to date evidence base in order to ensure mothers are given clear and safe advice on treatment strategies available to them.  We are proud to say that we are the only clinic in the UK that has also published its data on the efficacy of our treatment strategies alongside lactation/breastfeeding Consultants and midwives through the use of ultrasound therapy.


Our women's health team use ultrasound therapy and massage techniques to reduce the inflammation around the affected milk ducts in a safe and effective manner and will teach you self-help techniques and preventative strategies to reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence.  You will mostly likely need between 2-6 treatments, depending on the severity of the blockage.  Our study data shows that most mothers (75%) start to see a positive change within 24 hours.


If you are suffering from blocked milk ducts or mastitis and have not been able to clear the block independently, we recommend that you seek treatment as soon as possible with one of our women's health physiotherapists.  You will be screened over the phone to ensure you do not need to seek advice or intervention from your GP in the case of an infection before you embark on treatment.  We work very closely with radiographers and breast surgeons for onward referral should we feel that treatment will not be effective, but this is rare.  Early intervention is key so contact us immediately if you feel you have a blocked milk duct that you cannot clear.

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