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Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu - Adrian Cox

I have joined the soft tissue team at Sprint Physiotherapy, and I will be providing you with Zen Shiatsu treatments.

Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese massage that is beneficial in areas such as pain management, stress and insomnia.

During a session, there is a combination of firm and subtle pressure, by using my hands knees and elbows, stretching, gentle rotations all within your comfort zone. This system uses meridians and acupoints, in a similar way to acupuncture, to restore a sense of well-being. Every session is carried out while you are fully dressed in comfortable clothing.

Zen Shiatsu is a non invasive system, to assist your mind and body to regain balance.


There are many benefits of cupping. It helps with blood flow, relieving areas of stiffness and muscular pain. Sliding cupping is one of the techniques that can be applied, which is especially good for myofascial release. 

This method on its own, or coupled with Shiatsu, adds another level to your healing and relaxing treatment.

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I am a Zen Shiatsu practitioner who is passionate about the holistic approach Zen Shiatsu uses.

Over the years, with this form of bodywork, I have been able to support people’s physical pain and emotional issues. This is why I was drawn to this style of therapy to learn. Because it sees the mind, body connection as being integral to the treatments.

I am also enthusiastic in furthering my skills in this art, and other complimentary techniques. Such as Daoyin, Yin Style Bagua bodywork techniques and Shiatsu, by attending continual practice development (CPD).


To be able to support and connect in a treatment, I consider my health to be a vital part of helping others. This would involve me doing a range of exercises that I deeply enjoy. Which consist of Qigong, meditation, cycling and other aerobic workouts.

Fees & Booking

Zen Shiatsu sessions are availible at Sprint Physiotherapy on Saturdays, and can be booked through reception.

Initial session:            90 mins - £120

Follow up session:     60 mins - £100

Cupping:                     15 mins  - £40.

Contact reception for more information.

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