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As exciting as being pregnant is, it can also be incredibly uncomfortable and scary at times!  We can help you deal with pregnancy related low back, thoracic or neck pain; SIJ problems; pelvic girdle pain / dysfunction (pubic symphysis disorders) and nerve problems in the legs and hands. We'll also advise on how to strengthen your pelvic floor to prevent or treat continence issues. We can give you tips on birthing positions and how to achieve an active birth and how to best prepare for labour with breathing and relaxation techniques.

Yoga Practice

Pregnancy massage

Our massage therapists are fully trained in pregnancy massage. Why not treat yourself to an hour of relaxation and ease your tired back, legs and shoulders? They can also use lymphatic drainage techniques to help with swelling and reduce fluid retention.

Pilates for pregnancy

Keep yourself in shape and ease pain and stiffness with a regular Pilates class. Our instructors and physiotherapists are all trained to adapt Pilates exercises for every stage of pregnancy.  If you choose to take this up in your third trimester, an assessment with a specialist physiotherapist would be required first to ensure you start off at the right level.

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