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Using Conscious Connected Breathwork as a tool for self-healing, we guide you through an immersive breathwork experience that detoxes your physical, mental and emotional being and puts you back into a reset mode.

Conscious Connected Breathwork can help:

  • heal the relationship you have with yourself

  • quieten a busy, anxious mind

  • release grief and heartache from the body

  • feel safe to release ‘bad’ emotions like anger, shame and resentment

  • find acceptance for your past and find a way forward

  • overcome the darkness of depression

  • find peace within

By 28, Nix had a successful career designing superyachts; flying around the world, and sitting opposite billionaires. In her personal life, she’d bought her first home and was about to get married. The outside looked perfect, but inside she was in turmoil. She saw first-hand how the outside world doesn’t reflect our inner lives, working with some of the richest people in the world, who often didn't seem happy or fulfilled either. She realised then happiness is an inside job. So she left everything, the relationship, the job, and the house in search of answers to break free of her past and find her true authentic power to live life by her design, not by default. To become who she is today, she tried it all; therapy, self-help books, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and holistic modalities, to name but a few! But when she found breathwork, during her yoga teacher training in Australia, she felt her body release emotions of grief, sadness and pain that she didn’t know were inside her, instantly she knew this was something special - she had a feeling of lightness within she hadn’t experienced before. Gripped, she knew she’d found the answer to heal herself and a tool everyone needed to know about. Over the following years, she trained with experts in the field of breathwork. Training with Michael James Wong, founder of Just Breathe® and Krama Yoga School, she learnt pranayama (yogic breathing) techniques which focus on nervous system regulation; helping her to feel calm but she wanted more, she wanted a deep transformation that would change her life and the life of the people she wanted to help. So she continued to study. She trained with Patrick McKeown, founder of Oxygen Advantage® to specialise in functional and performance-focused breathing methods helping her to understand the value of how we breathe day-to-day, during sleep and to perform better at work and in life. But it was only when she trained to become a Breathwork Facilitator with Alan Dolan, founder of Breathguru®, in a breathwork method called Conscious Connected Breathing, that she knew she’d found the healing modality that she was here to share, that would create lasting change for herself and her clients. Through Conscious Connected breathing, she was able to make peace with the demons from her past, heal the relationship she had with herself, and reclaimed her power to be the best version of herself on the inside - all through her breath. That’s what amazes Nix the most. Everyone breathes, we all have this power within. She doesn’t want to be anyone’s guru, she wants to empower people to heal themselves at every level of their mental, physical and emotional, using the magic of their own breath.

Fees & Booking

Breathwork sessions with Nix are availible at Sprint Physiotherapy on Mondays, and can be booked through reception.

Each session is 75mins for £130.00 per session.

Contact reception for more information.

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