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Women's health physiotherapy addresses some of the issues that women commonly experience throughout their lives, including pregnancies as well as other common gynaecological complaints. From general pelvic aches and pains to continence concerns, prolapses, constipation and bowel dysfunctions, women's health physiotherapists are able to provide treatment to women of all ages.


Our women's health physiotherapists understand how the pelvic floor muscles work and how they contribute to the control of your bladder and bowels as well as act as a support for your pelvic organs and spine. 

Conditions that we would treat include:

  • pelvic floor weakness and incontinence

  • bladder pain

  • pelvic organ prolapse

  • persistent pelvic pain

  • vulva varicoseitis (varicose veins)


Our womens health specialist physiotherapists can provide help in assessing and understanding problems with your continence and jointly decide a treatment plan that is most suitable.  We work closely with London’s leading gynaecologists to provide the best care and advice for our patients, using the most up to date evidence base.


Our therapists can help train pelvic floor and core muscles before or after gynaecological surgeries such as hysterectomies or repairs and trauma. They can help you cope with symptoms of minor prolapse in the pelvic area.


Continence problems can affect women of all ages; however by learning some simple techniques, women can retrain their pelvic floor muscles to overcome this, even if such issues have been long standing.

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