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Massage in West London

Are you looking for a therapeutic massage in Kensington, Paddington, Hammersmith or the West London area? Massage, in its many forms, has been used over thousands of years to alleviate tension, reduce muscle tightness and achieve optimum condition of the soft tissues within the body.

At Sprint we offer several tailored massage approaches:

Sports & deep tissue massage

Ideal if you are suffering from occupational or postural stress, sports & remedial massage is also perfect if you are recovering from an injury, are looking to enhance your sporting performance, or as a preventative measure to ensure you feel as loose and relaxed as possible.

Our massage therapists are highly trained in a range of techniques, including deep tissue massage to reduce knots and scar tissue, break down adhesions, and release chronic tension as well as recommending specific stretches to lengthen muscles. They are also trained in sports taping and medical acupuncture. They work very closely with the physiotherapy team to ensure excellent continuity of care, especially post-surgery when the muscles can become very tight due to restrictions in movement or the build up of scar tissue.

Pregnancy massage

Sore, aching lower backs, tired legs and sciatic pain are common complaints for many pregnant women and new mothers. Breast-feeding and carrying the baby can also result in a tight upper back, neck and shoulders.

Pregnancy massage aims to relieve tight muscles and helps to encourage a general sense of relaxation. It is a gentler form of treatment that can also help to reduce swelling and puffiness in the joints, regulate your blood pressure and stress hormones and improve the quality of sleep.

Our massage therapist is fully trained in pregnancy massage, and understands all the related issues that may arise during pregnancy. Treat yourself or gift vouchers are also available if you'd like to give an expectant friend/relative or new mother a special surprise.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Are you suffering from swollen or puffy legs and feet? Do you constantly seem to pick up colds and infections? If so, your lymphatic system could be sluggish and struggling to function normally. Swelling or oedema is also very common post-surgery and during pregnancy, however lymphatic drainage massage can be very beneficial in reducing these symptoms.

Lymphatic drainage massage can also improve general well-being by boosting the immune system. It uses a very light, rhythmical touch, to clear the lymph nodes, which allows toxins to leave the body more easily thereby reducing swelling and puffiness.

Scar Tissue Massage

A huge part of therapy left unspoken about is scar tissue release. This can be crucial after operations, burns or even minor cuts. However, the responsibility of the medical world tends to stop once you are stitched up and ready to go home, and the longer-term physiological impact that scars have on the body are rarely discussed. Whilst not every scar presents a problem, many do. Scar tissue is the sticky substance just under the healed cut, formed originally to stick cells together and close openings. Unfortunately it doesn't always know when to stop its 'mission', unless it is cleared effectively by someone with specialist training. If your body does not break down scar tissue completely, it will often spread by collecting other floating cells and tissue sticking to it, resulting in the original scar tissue becoming bigger and eventually harder. Coupled with our movement habits, this scar tissue may spread towards the creases and folds of the body, slowly creating fascial tightness and limitation.

The STRAIT method (Scar Tissue Release and Integrated Therapies) helps to break down this scar tissue into smaller pieces, which your body will have a better chance of flushing out, aided by increased blood and lymphatic fluid circulation. Scar tissue release can help flatten raised scars, soften the tissue locally, get rid of those feelings of being 'tied down' internally, helps decrease oedema (for example, many C-section patients suffer with bloated lower abdomen/water retention), and in some cases (dependant on how old the scar is and the circumstances of the original cause of the tissue formation) may help the cosmetic appearance of the scar.

Sometimes you can see and feel the difference in the appearance and texture of a scar in just one or two sessions with our massage therapist.

Please contact us to book an appointment with one of our massage therapists available at Kensington. If you wish to be seen at our Paddington or Hammersmith sites or in the comfort of your own home, this can be organised on request.

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