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Patient exercises

Shoulder strengthening

Shoulder shrugs - Upper Trapezius

Stand with your arm slightly in front of the body with it about 30 degrees out to the side with palm facing forward and elbow straight.

Draw the arm up and slightly backwards as if reaching to a point behind your head. This positions the scapula into upward rotation, posterior tilt and external rotation.
Hold for 5 seconds. Once you can do 20 repetitions comfortably hold a 500g weight. Increase the weight by 500g intervals up to 3kg.

External rotation - Infraspinatus and Teres Minor

Lie on your side with a towel under the elbow of the arm you are working. Set your shoulder blade as directed by your physiotherapist. Lift your hand and forearm upwards pivoting at the elbow.

Once you can do 3 x 20 repetitions comfortably add a 500g weight. Increase the weight up to 1kg.

Shoulder punch - Anterior Deltoid

Lie on your back with a towel under your elbow for support. Bend your elbow and then press your hand upwards so the arm is vertical.

Repeat x 20. Once you can do 3 x 20 repetitions comfortably, hold a 500g weight. Increase the weight by 500g up to 3kg.

Bent Over Row - Middle Trapezius

Stand in a forward lean position with one foot in front of the other. Let your arm hang down so it is completely relaxed and the shoulder blade has moved away from the spine. Slowly draw the shoulder blade towards the spine keeping the arm relaxed.

Repeat x 20. Once you can do 3 x 20 repetitions comfortably hold a 1kg weight. Increase the weight up to 4kg.
This exercise can also be done in prone lying with the arm resting over the side of a bed or table.

Theraband Exercises

Upright row

Use a light pulley or theraband. Sit on a ball maintaining a good posture i.e. lift the tailbone to create a small curve at the base of the spine. Hold the band or pulley with the thumb up out in front of you keeping the arm at waist height.

Pull the elbow to the waist keeping the shoulder blade in its set position.
Do 20 x 5 secs hold.

The rotator cuff muscles are the small muscles surrounding the shoulder joint which help to keep the joint centred during movement. When performing these exercises imagine that you are drawing the ball of the joint into the socket and set the shoulder blade as instructed by your physiotherapist.

Internal Rotation

Attach theraband about waist height to a door handle or similar. Hold the band as shown and pull the band across the body keeping the elbow tucked into the waist. Slowly return back to the start position.

Repeat 3 x 20

External Rotation

Attach theraband as above. Start with the band across the body and pull outward keeping the elbow tucked into the waist.

Repeat 3 x 20

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