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Patient exercises

Lower limb stretches

All stretches should be held for 30-60 seconds to achieve the maximum benefit Gradually move further into the stretch during this time, as pushing a muscle straight to its limit often leads to strains.

1. Soleus stretch

How: To stretch deep calf muscles, stand with the left foot in front of the right but apart (ie step stance) with the toes pointing forward. Bend both knees until you feel a stretch at the base of the calf.

Top Tip: Remember to maintain a neutral foot position ie do not allow the arch of the foot to collapse or roll inwards and make sure that your knee drops over your middle toe, not the big toe.

2. Gastrocnemius stretch

How: To stretch superficial calf muscles, stand in step stance with one foot in front of the other, making sure both feet point forward and are in a parallel line with one another. Transfer your weight to the front foot and press the heel of your back foot to the ground. You should feel the stretch slightly higher up in the calf. Remember not to allow the arch of your foot to collapse.

Top Tip: Stretch arms out in front of you, clasp hands and push away from body to incorporate upper body stretch.

3. Hamstring stretch

How: To stretch and increase length of hamstrings, stand with feel apart, dropping one leg slightly behind the other. Keeping front leg straight and bending back leg at the knee, pull the front foot towards the ceiling, keeping the heel of your foot on the floor.

Top Tip: Keep your spine in a neutral position and bend from the hips until you feel a stretch at the back of the thigh.

4. Quadriceps stretch

How: Stand upright and draw one heel to your backside by holding the right ankle with right hand and vice versa for the left leg.

Top Tip: Try to keep your knees in line with each other and slightly flatten your lower back by squeezing your bottom muscles.

5. Adductor (inner thigh) stretch

How: Stand upright with your feet wide in line with another and wide apart. Make sure your toes are pointing directly forward. Bend one knee and shift your weight to that side until you feel the stretch on the inside thigh.

Top Tip: Make sure your knee on the bent leg is over the middle of your toes.

6. Gluteal stretch

How: Lie on your back pull your legs up to so they are at right angles to the floor. Keeping your back on the floor, cross your right leg over to the left so that the outside of your right lower calf rests against your left quad. With your hands around your left thigh, draw both knees to the chest. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat on the other leg.

Top Tip: Keep your spine in a neutral position with your tailbone on the floor.

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