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A comprehensive list of service providers that we use and are happy to recommend to our clients.

Bauerfeind - is a German based supplier of high quality post-operative and sporting braces, supports, off the shelf orthotics and medical aids. Sprint is a recognized fitting centre for Bauerfeind knee braces and also stocks the popular Malleotrain ankle support.
Brace Orthopaedic is an independent supplier of unique braces and supports to orthopaedic and sports medicine clinicians working in the UK and Ireland. It only markets products that are highly innovative, offer advanced technology and benefit the rehabilitation of patients to obtain the best quality of life. Their portfolio includes the Jack PCL knee brace and CDS (Controlled Dynamic Stretch) range of contracture braces, together with the highly adjustable and flexible MKS modular spinal system.
Beth Graham is a midwife and lactation consultant (IBCLC). She currently offers 1 to 1 support to new families in their own homes focusing on feeding & parenting. She helps with breastfeeding and getting things off to a good start from the beginning and trouble shooting problems such as sore nipples, blocked ducts and mastitis as well as under or over supply. She offers advice for babies who are not gaining weight well and suffer with colic and reflux. She also helps families with older babies focusing on gentle sleep improvement strategies and weaning.

Beth has been delivering babies and helping families since 1990 and a Lactation consultant since 2005. She has worked in the hospital setting (NHS) and in the community, and as an independent midwife in California. She ran the breastfeeding service at the Portland Hospital, London between 2010-2013.
Zip fit zone - time is precious so we bring fitness to you. No fuss, no frills - we just turn up, give you a supervised group training session outdoors and leave you feeling energised and alert. All you have to do is zip out of the office or house.
Wole Adesemoye is a London firefighter, boxer, Elite Crossfit athlete and winner of the BBC's Last Man Standing. To book a personal training session or to find out more contact Wole Training on 07738 063951 or
For over a century, Savoir Beds has been setting the benchmark for the world's most luxurious, hand-crafted beds, and providing discerning clients with the ultimate in deep, restorative sleep. Made to order using authentic techniques and the very finest natural materials.

Please contact us to book an appointment or for more information on any of the services available at our clinics in Kensington, Bayswater and Paddington.

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Our services cover the following locations (if your location is not listed please don't hesistate to get in touch and ask us if we can help you):

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Our physiotherapists specialise in restoring your normal function and movement patterns so you can get on with everyday life.

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Pilates focuses on building the body's core strength and improving posture through a series of low repetition, low impact stretching and conditioning exercises.

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Sports injuries
Sports injuries
At Sprint Physiotherapy we are experts at treating a variety of sporting injuries, including; swimming, running, golfing, etc.

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Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy
Our massage therapists specalise in a range of massage techniques; remedial, sports, pregnancy, etc.

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