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What to expect from your initial appointment

Your specialist physiotherapist will ask you questions about your symptom history, medical history, work and social activities and your treatment goals. Based on the outcome of this conversation, your physiotherapist may suggest further physical examination of your abdomen, back, hips and pelvis.


If an anorectal examination is recommended, this will be explained to you, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss this further prior to deciding if you consent. Following these assessments, your physiotherapist will discuss the findings with you and outline/commence a recommended treatment plan that you both agree on. This will include advice and education, possibly alongside further biofeedback options or onward referral for further assessment. At all stages of your time at Sprint we will be working towards your health goals and are here to support your rehabilitation journey.

Do I need to bring anything to the appointment?

Wear loose fitting clothes that you can easily move in. Please note that your therapist may ask you to remove clothing items from your lower half to better examine this area.

If you have any reports or copies of investigations that you have had relevant to your referral, then these would be helpful to bring to the appointment or to send by confidential email in advance (please contact reception if you require help with this). If you are taking any medication, it would also be helpful to have the names and doses of these to hand, as your physiotherapist will ask you about these.


How long are the appointments?

An initial consultation is 1hr 15mins, to allow ample time to discuss the history of your symptoms and assess you prior to starting treatment.

Follow up appointments are usually 30mins, unless it is suggested by your therapist that you may require a slightly longer appointment. This will be discussed at the appointment.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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